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Everyone has that feeling that originally hits them when someone says or does something but after thinking about it sometimes that gut feeling isn’t exactly how we really feel. Today whether we are willing to admit it or not society and social media has a massive impact on the way we think or feel. The news we watch every day might as well be putting their own opinions in our head because they are how we get our information and how are we supposed to know anything otherwise. Also for teenagers peer pressure and social media has its way of influencing our opinions if all your friends are against you teens would rather just agree and argue otherwise. I feel like our gut feeling is the way society wants us to feel but after thinking it through and maybe hearing someone out our opinions are very subject to change.
I believe that someone’s gut feeling is how they where shaped to feel and the way they react after they actually hear the story or whatever the situation may be is who they really are and how they really want to feel. An example of this is people who grew up under very strict morals and beliefs that being gay is wrong until one day their best friend or maybe even a sibling is gay even though their gut is saying yes its wrong their gut feeling will slowly start to become wrong in their eyes as they start to understand that its not that persons choice to be gay and maybe the gut feeling that being gay is wrong will always be there but if they just acted on that gut feeling they would never have the chance to learn and understand and possibly change their opinion. But yes I do understand that some people will still believe its wrong and still shun that person out because that’s what they believe God wants them to do, and I understand that but God also wants you to learn and accept everyone the way they are.
The discussion we had in class about the brother and sister having sex really got to me because upon first hearing and reading that I was automatically disgusted and thought why would anyone do that but after the professor asked repeatedly for people to list reasons why it was wrong it occurred to me that yes maybe to me it seems absolutely terrible and I would never be for it but who am I to judge? Yes I understand the risks with it and the possibilities of pregnancy but they did take all the proper precautions and they didn’t hurt anybody so what maybe I don’t agree with it doesn’t mean its something that everyone should shun them for doing. I understand that even though they still took all the right precautions if an actual relationship formed it would be hard for the family and bring stress to the family but doesn’t divorce bring all that too yet everyone still gets those and doesn’t try to stop them. And again yes I understand the risks associated with incest but even then the risk of the child having a disability is actually