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Educational Philosophy
Mary Bowser

I believe there are things that need to be learned year after year, BUT I love seeing student growth and have learning be fun. I imagine that the purpose of school/education is to train the mind to think in a natural, logical way. The environment of education should always be positive. Education is should be developing the students intellectual potential and preparing them for the future. I believe the students should be task oriented, and fully understand the standards that are required. I will expect the students to be focused on me, the teacher, during “learning” time. The students will understand discipline, and be able to follow it. I will state my classroom rules and consequences. I will also have them posted in the classroom, so the students do not forget what is expected of them. The core of education is reason, intuition, knowledge and skill. I believe the way teachers should teach is by always knowing the knowledge on a lesson, no student should know more about a topic that “has been planned to discuss”. The teacher should challenge the pupils intellectually. The teacher, the responsible authority, should mediate between the adult world and the world of the student, since immature students cannot comprehend the nature and demands of adulthood by themselves. Teachers should not share their personal life with their students or allow their personally life to be easily accessed. Teachers should be role models in and outside of the classroom. My preferred teaching methods are; lectures, readings, and class discussions to help with train the mind. The curriculum should include symbols and ideas of literature, history, and mathematics with the sciences of the physical world. The curriculum should also concentrate on teaching students how to manage change, with problem-solving activities in the social studies, empirical sciences and vocational technology. My goal for education is to lead the students toward truthful information, which is absolute, universal, and unchanging. Also I want to provide framework of knowledge for the student to want to strive to learn new truths. The school should retain an atmosphere of mental discipline; yet incorporate innovative techniques, which would introduce the student to a perceptual examination of the realities about him/her. When students get too talkative my class management skills step up and I try several different methods. My methods are standing at the front of the class, quiet and waiting for the students to