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Tiffany Baker
Reflection Paper
Dr. Erin Livingston
2 February 2015

Can Beauty Be In More Than One Object At One Time?
It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What that means is the perception of beauty is subjective depending on an individual and what they find to be beautiful or have beauty. Beauty, by definition, is the quality present in a thing that gives intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind, whether arising from sensory manifestations such as shape, color, sound, or even design, pattern, or something else. Personally, I believe that beauty can be in more than one object at one time.
Each person has their own vision that makes their idea of beauty different from mine. What I find beautiful someone else might not see it the same way. Beauty is not just what someone thinks is pretty. Beauty is a feeling that brings joy to a person’s soul. Often times I find beauty in sunsets. However, it is not just the sun setting that I think is beautiful. It is the way the clouds turn into shades of pinks and purple. I find beauty in the shape of the clouds and the way the sun rays beam out through the clouds. I find beauty in the way that the sun makes the lake in front of my house sparkle like diamonds as it sets. I find beauty in the way my dog excitingly runs across the yard playing as the birds sing.
All these things taking place at the same time in so many different objects and beings. This proves to me, that for me, beauty is most definitely is and…