Philosophy Statement: Leadership And The Skills Approach

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Philosophy Statement

I believe a leader is a person who is respected and respects others. A leader is a strong person who is a foundation for his or her followers. Leaders are not always the best or on top. Leaders need to be a base for their followers in order to accomplish what is best for the team as a whole. Leaders are role models for others and one of their main duties is to encourage the team they are working alongside.
A leader is someone who works together with others to accomplish a variety of tasks and goals. A multitude of qualities are important for leaders. Leaders should be trustworthy, honest, intelligent, friendly, positive, and courageous. To be an efficient and leader, one must be willing to take responsibility
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While people can have different ideas of leadership, many agree on elements of leadership such that leaders should not be egocentric or ruthless.
I believe leadership is taking responsibility for personal actions as well as followers’ actions. Leadership is about making intelligent and ethical decisions and working with a group of followers toward goals for the overall group. Leadership involves communication with followers and outsiders to ensure that tasks are completed.
I agree with various elements of various leadership theories including but not limited to: The Skills Approach, the Path-Goal theory, and Servant Leadership theory. I have seen these theories used by strong leaders that I have worked with. Through both negative and positive leadership examples, I have learned what leadership is and what being an outstanding leader requires. I believe leaders should be compassionate, ethical, and helpful.

I believe my word cloud says that leaders face many challenges and most leaders possess certain qualities. I was not surprised to see words such as “responsibility”, “trustworthy”, and “honest” stick out as I definitely see these as important parts of leadership. I was surprised to find that “communicate” and “communication” were not bigger. I find that communication is key for leaders and
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Deanna was an example of a wonderful leader who used servant leadership by serving all of the 4-H club members in any way she could. She was concerned for us and empowered us to reach our full potential. She also used Path-Goal leadership by motivating the club members to accomplish goals we had already established and help us create future goals in order to do our best.
I believe leaders should show a genuine care for their followers as well as inspire them. During my junior and senior years of high school, I took dual enrollment courses through my local state college. One professor I had for six classes over the course of four semesters. Dr. Foster was a strong woman who was tough on her students, but wanted to see them grow and succeed. She was an excellent leader who used Path-Goal leadership.
Dr. Foster was open to questions and helping her students learn new things. I discovered her genuine character and how she truly cared for her students. Though busy with teaching, she was always interested in helping students attain their goals. I came to Dr. Foster for help in my coursework, letters of recommendation, and advice. I found that whenever I was in a tough situation Dr. Foster would be the honest and integral voice of reason. When we discussed my end goal, Dr. Foster would help me plan the steps to achieve that goal. Dr. Foster was an example of a great leader who demonstrated many elements of the Path-Goal leadership