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My Treatise on Metaphsyics

Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy that deals with questions concerning the fundamental nature of the world and being. Just like all other branches of philosophy, Meta-physicists attempt to answer unanswerable questions through identity and change, space and time and determinism and free will. Since there is no real way of knowing the answers, it is common for people to create their own philosophy.

Under the branch of identity and change I have chosen to go with endurantism, endurantism is a philosophical theory of persistence and identity. Endurantism is a theory that states we are always wholly present at every moment of our existence, this is against perdurantism which states we are a series of temporal parts or stages and not always “one” ex; new bones, taller, etc. I believe that we are always present although constantly going through change I dont think change should define us, I believe since we were babys we are and always will be the same person always present but changing.

Under the branch of space and time I have chosen to go with presentism although I do not agree with presentism completely I think it agrees more with my philosophical view then eternalism. Eternalism says everything that happened or will happen is “real” a more relate-able way to put this is that we are always on the “arrow of time”. To fully understand eternamlism you have to think hard on your definition of “real” although these things are not happening they exist somewhere. Presentism states that past events and future events do not exist at all that only the present is real. I agree with this way of thinking more I do not believe were on a “arrow of time” just strolling along waiting for things to come to end. Although past events might of happened I don’t believe they are “real” they don’t exist anymore, I think if you found a way to go back in