Star Wars Fans: The People Vs. George Lucas

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Dear Star Wars Fans, After having watched the film, “The People vs. George Lucas” I somewhat have an understanding on the disappointment that you all have of the revisions of the original movies, the hatred for George Lucas and his insensitivity in considering the feelings of his fan base. Throughout the film, I began to notice the changes that the populace was not satisfied with, and I can agree quite wholeheartedly with them; George Lucas made some undesirable changes to a legendary saga. Although the hatred and the disappointment are valid, I'm writing this letter to give you all some advice on how not to take this as hard as you are. It isn't the end of the world that these films were changed, and I feel that through Epicurus' views, you will come to understand how to accept these changes, and not be as hateful. According to Epicurean Atomism, nothing ever comes into or out of existence. Lucretius says that, “since everything that happens is the result of the collisions of atoms and the laws of nature, there is no divine guidance, purpose, or providence in the universe” (Guignon 42). With just that being said, the Star Wars fans should know that George Lucas never really got rid of the original edits of his films. That's basically taboo in the film industry. Along with that, the originals will never die. So for the people saying that George Lucas destroyed their lives, killed their childhoods, ruined their families, that is not true! George Lucas did make a selfish move by editing a legendary masterpiece to suit his fancy. But the feeling and passion of the fan base and the true films, the hype and glory over all the events; that will never go away. Those times will always be something to remember. You all will remember buying empty boxes and clinging to receipts, waiting for the Han Solo and Chewbacca action figures. So as for the changes and the new movies? Let it go. My advice, you're fighting a battle that can not and will not be won. Another way of coping with the unwanted changes is by understanding the limits on pleasure. On page forty two of the book The Good Life, “Epicureans hold that the desire for pleasure and the avoidance of pain are the ultimate motivating factors behind all human action” (Guignon). Of course all you fans are upset with the revisions of the original films that brought you pleasure, and there is pain in knowing that George Lucas would not release the originals to the fans that had already seen them.The one serious shocker to everyone was the famous “Han Solo Shot First” scene (Philippe). While it was clear in the original films that Han Solo was the first to shoot, the revisions made the Assassin shoot first, and it looked as though Han Solo was not as strong a character as he was originally portrayed. The Epicureans believed that by accepting things as the way