Philosophy from the Female Perspective Essay example

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Virginia Held is a modern day philosopher with theories on the feminist view in philosophy. All of the major philosophers have always written from the male perspective. As far back as the Bible, most major writings have always been geared towards men. They were considered the predominant species from the creation of Eve from Adam's rib. Many philosophers have described worlds that were based upon men, war, and reason. These theories were based on the experience of man. Women were too emotional and simple to understand the complexity of the world. Philosophers have always focused on man's influence and role in the world. These philosophers have downplayed or ignored the role of women in history. This paper will discuss the gender …show more content…
90) Another key difference in the philosophy of men and women is the ability to bear children. While Held does not specifically mention this, it is a topic that must be discussed. With the ability to carry a child for nine months, women are more protective of their young. Feminist instincts compel a woman to safeguard their young. Most would not willingly endanger their offspring. While both men and women have the urge to protect their young, according to many philosophers' theories, the good of the state and their relations should take precedence over feeling and emotion. Mothering and nurturing has been considered by many a biological activity that has no bearing on the importance of women. This is considered an instinctual impulse and therefore not counted as a rational action. There is a fundamental difference between male and female. The difference is the ability to feel and care for another being. Men also possess this ability but in women it is magnified. This difference should have an effect on philosophy. Man and women alike learn from their mistakes. These lessons learned can affect the world as we know it. By acknowledging the experiences of women we can further the advances of society. We each learn from each other and the caring and nurturing of a mother can help to determine the people we become in life. The old philosophers like Kant and Hobbes' have