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I am a Vietnamese American women with a diverse, multicultural background and I want very much to become a nursing professional working towards a career in nursing administration. My primary educational background is in Biological Sciences from California State University of Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA and I also have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from American University of Health Sciences in Signal Hill, CA. I seek to combine my training from direct patient care with a first rate education in nursing. I have a B.S.N and I am applying to California State University, Dominguez Hills because this M.S. in Nursing Program has an emphasis on nurse administrator role option, the areas of nursing theory and practice in which I am most interested. I seek an advanced knowledge base and set of skills that is fully grounded in scientific research and art of professional nursing.
I firmly believe in California State University Dominguez Hill’s mission to provide this level of professional education as necessary to meet the needs of the complex and changing health care needs of our time and patient demands for optimum outcomes and quality. I am especially attracted to the fact that this degree program is designed to foster interdisciplinary collaborative skills and independent functioning within each special area or concentration. My long term goal is to become a top expert in nursing administration and I look forward to having classes designed to facilitate the enhancement of a student's leadership skills.
I have spent a lot of time and effort learning how to manage my time wisely and this is my top priority and one of the greatest strengths that I will bring to the MSN program. I plan to work part time and spend the remaining days dedicated on my studies to succeed in the program. Also, for the last couple of years, I have spent hours each day reading professional journals, books, and articles about nursing and this is the primary reason why I feel I am a strong candidate for your program. This informal background has helped me to better understand the material to which I will be exposed in your program, to digest the material better since I already have such extensive exposure to the material in this area. I have done a great deal of research, in particular, concerning creative ideas for clinical fieldwork and I see this as especially important for the Nursing Leadership concentration since this area consists of supervised learning experiences and working with preceptors in a broad variety of settings, either in nursing service organizations or other closely related academic areas. I look forward to precepting.
I firmly believe that I am a strong candidate for the MSN/nurse administrator program because I am eager to learn and truly believe in the schools mission. The greatest strength that I bring