Phoenix A Hero's Journey By Eudora Welty

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Imagine you are in extreme poverty. You live far out in the county with your grandson, and he becomes deathly sick. You are forced to go on a long and hard journey for medicine, something that most of society takes for granted. This journey is called a hero's journey, a difficult expedition made by a hero for the elixir or reward. Our hero in this story is Phoenix, on her journey to the far away city for soothing medicine for her grandson. On the way she encounters many challenges that she must overcome. By showing an old woman on a “journey” for medicine, something most people take for granted, outlines that this is a hero's journey, Welty depicts Phoenix’s journey to show that a hero must be determined, selfless, and willing to sacrifice to succeed.
Part of what makes phoenix a hero is her determination to complete her journey. She has many trials like the “hill pleading don’t
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“ She has a grandson . . . his trough begins to close up” and “She makes these trips for him” those trips take most of the day and could me up to one to two miles long which is huge for a febrile old woman. Another attribution to her selfless acts is that she acquired 10 cents in their journey and she spends all “ to buy my child a little windmill” She risk her life and sever injury on her journey. “A black dog . . . he came at her” “ a log laid across the creek” are both big risk she takes for her grandson. She is willing to sacrifice everything to save her grandson and get him ultimately a windmill and medicine. If someone goes out of their way and makes sacrifices for the greater good or the needy, he or she, like phoenix, can become classified as a hero. All of these examples clearly connect to the idea that Phoenix is selfless and willing to sacrifice welty depicts Phoenix’s journey to show that a hero must be determined, selfless, and willing to