Phone Addiction

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Koya Walker
Creative Writing period 2
January 4,2013

Addicted or NOT Addicted!!!
Cell Phones! Cell Phones are a popular device used in this time and age.They have become a large use in technology, that is now so advanced that you can really ignore and put no use to other technology in the world. Cellphones are now being excessively used by mostly teens.Teens use their phone several times every minute and second. Some have become addicted some have not. Which one are you?

Am I ADDICTED? I would have to say no I am not. I will admit that my phone is a major part of my everyday life but once again I am not addicted to my cell phone. I can go a whole day without having to have any interactions with my phone. The only time I react with my phone on account of myself is if I am extremely bored and have nothing to do. If this occurs I see myself getting on Instagram and Facebook for a good amount of time. If my phone doesn't ring , I don't have a text message from someone or If I dont text or call anyone my phone is not in my hand. Another major aspect in my life that convinces me that I am not addicted to my phone is the fact that I am very active and involved in many activities. Being involved in these things gives me no time to actually sit down and be on the phone, on top of that school is no help either. Why? I would have to say because although it is my SENIOR year AP English is a kicker we recieve homework everyday and it is not just a little bit it may take me a hour to an hour n a half to complete it. The only two days I have to