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Photography Analysis
When looking at the photograph, one would notice the twenty, or so, birds flying within and around the power lines. Some appear to be landing on the lines while others soar around them. The photo contains many details that help the viewer to understand the artists attempt to portray repetition, balance, and unity. When looking at the photo, one of the first things noticeable is the beautiful, bright, blue skyline. Also, the immense amount of birds in the air immediately draws people in because of their wings spread wide apart, which give the affect that they are soaring through the air. This gives the viewer a sense of repetition because the artwork seems as if it is alive. By looking at the picture, it is apparent that some birds are closer than others. For example, the artist gives this affect by making the birds appear proportional. Some birds appear smaller than others giving the affect that they are farther away; therefore, the birds that appear to be larger seem closer to the viewer’s eye. These proportions provide the photograph with balance. The photo gives off a sense of unity because of all of the birds flying through the air in harmony and perching on the power lines. Without these little details, the photograph would not have a sense of completeness. The tone could be perceived as peaceful to the viewers because of the beautiful setting and the many birds soaring throughout the skyline.
Birds Eye View
Im scared.
“You can do it! Spread your wings and fly!” My friends encouragingly say.
But I can’t.
The other birds soar around me joyfully and peacefully as if they have never been happier.
I would do anything to be up there with them flying across the beautiful, bright, blue sky and watching the cotton candy clouds shape and move, day after day.
I just have to take a leap of faith and jump.
I feel my feet remove themselves from the power lines and I can no longer feel the electrical buzz throughout my body.
My eyes are shut tight.
I’m scared.
My eyelids slowly lift open and a beautiful surprise awaits me.
I find myself in the clouds and moving with the clouds.
The fluffy, cotton candy-like objects are no longer a distant dream.
They are now reality.
I weave with my friends in and out of them