Photo Journalism Research Paper

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Freshman should join photo journalism, because it is great to be able to take photos, getting able to go to other activities for things such as event or ceremony’s, also because it helps learn how to get better at taking photos like a photographer. Taking this experience will lead to future success within the areas of photography. Taking photos is fun and getting to take pictures of whatever the journalist chooses. As for a journalist the images taken describe personal feelings and points of life gone through or point that they went through no one would understand. Images tend to describe things that cannot always be said or spoken. Pictures help keep and capture memories. Things with in life of the journalist can be captured for memories to have with you always. Journalist can share their work and moments using images. When sharing memories it helps others get a feel of the life a journalist lives. Capturing moments of many things in life to have others to also see moments enjoyed most. Joining photo journalism could also help learn how to take better pictures. As taking photos a journalist learns how to take better images make the image look great. Learning to take better images help to prepare for future references of becoming a photographer. This is a good way to learn different affects. Effects change the image to the journalists’ likings. Effects on images taken can change the way others look at things also helps others get the meaning of the photo. Becoming or joining Photo Journalism leads up tp being a photographer. Throughout Photo Journalism there are many opportunities at getting better at photography. The more practice at taking photos get more advanced, leading a way to be a great photographer one day. If taking photos is something apart in this life likened then Photo Journalism is something to look forward to in the near future. As a journalist they get to go to extra activities to take photos and write about them. Journalist takes photos of everyday life as well as their own. As for being a journalist,…