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Critically reflect on the positives and/or negatives of ethnic residential concentration as perceptible within specific landscapes in Sydney.
Cabramatta is a suburb located in south-west Sydney, New South Wales and is part of the City of Fairfield government area. The largest Vietnamese community in Australia is found in Cabramatta (source). According to the 2011 Census of Population and Housing of Cabramatta conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (footnote), of the 22,676 total responses, 6,330 people listed their heritage as being Vietnamese, with only 29 stating that both parents were born in Australia. These numbers are also comparable with the total population in Cabramatta of those of Chinese background
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It is known that the locals in Cabramatta play a prominent role in co-ordinating and promoting cultural festivals related to the Chinese, Vietnamese and other ethnic calendars. For example, during field research it was noted that there was a current ethnic community festival ‘Family Day’ (see figure 4 below). This area encourages an ‘ethnic feel’ and a sense of family for the members of its cultural groups in that they are essentially a group bound together by shared values and language in an otherwise “alien land”.

It was also noted the number of the different places of worship throughout the fieldwork. There are a large number of churches, temples, monasteries and mosques highlighting the significance of the different ethnic community groups and how they have shaped the surrounding environments in particular religious buildings. The presence of these religious places contributes to the profound cultural diversity of the suburb. Cabramatta's religion statistics provide an indicator of cultural identity and ethnicity when being observed. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Census of Population and Housing in 2011 it was recorded that there was a large percentage of Buddhism and Christianity in the area. These places of worship in Cabramatta are confided in the emergence of the immigrant settlers from countries such as Vietnam and China.

The ethnic concentration of the population