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Thank you for using our company DV digital products, in the use of this product, please read the user manual, and please keep this handbook。
Standard accessories:
User manual, CD, USB Cable

1. Do not in high temperature, cold, wet or dusty conditions using the product.
2. Avoid sun exposure in the product for a long time, it may cause damage the product.
3. Avoid the product with magnetic bump, so will damage the product,
4. Please take out the TF card when turn off it
5. When the battery is empty or system auto turn off, it must be charge the battery .
6. In order to prevent electrostatic interference, at the particularly dry environment cannot use the product.
7 .upload or download files, please don't break the USB cable from computer on halfway, it may damage the product,
8. Please keep the camera clean.

content 1. Main function 2. take a picture 3. shortcut key 4. Photo playback modes 5. REC 6. Video playback 7. PC camera connection 8. Technical specifications

1:Main function Product picture:

1. switch on
2. V-/V+
3. video/photographed shortcuts
4. Video/photo playback shortcuts: click this button directly into a state of the video/pictures
5 delete function
6. M, determine the function.
7. Last, last function.
8. Next, next functions.
9. exit functions
10. headphones mouth: audio and, AV/OUT output.
11. on/off button
12. USB port: the connection for computer and battery.
13. TF Card solt

2:take a picture

Click the “switch on” button to enter the photograph mode , press the photograph shortcuts button to take a picture . click M. key,it will turn up the:“the scene choice” Total 9 modes:Automatic, night portrait, night scenery, portrait, Scenery, Sport, party, Beach, High sensitivity. Click V-/V+ to change the scene, Select the corresponding modes will be a corresponding change.

Click M key "scenario selection" click "next" button to switch to image size,anti-shake and setup the image size resolution has four choices: 2592X1944, 2048X1536 1280X1024 VGA 640X480, choose corresponding resolution on the screen have corresponding clew, photo size will also with change.

1).Click M photographed mode "scenario selection" click "right" switch to "Anti-shake" mode has two options "on" or "off" choose corresponding Anti-shake mode screen have corresponding tip in choosing "open" anti shake icon for green, choose that "off" when that anti shake orange icon.
2) photos mode click M "scenario selection" click "next" switch to "Setup" altogether 12 Settings, according to the key choice: exposure, ISO, white balance, Sharpness, quality, date, Auto power off, Language, Frequency, Format, TV OUT, default setting.
Exposure: click the "M" button to enter exposure mode, there are six options: + 2, + 1, 0, -1 - 2, - 3, When the screen choose a + 2 the screen will light, select some light at-2 the screen will darken. Select the corresponding mode screen will change according to the pattern choice.
ISO: click the "M" button to enter ISO mode, four options: auto, 100, 200, 400, The default for automatic, choose corresponding modes will be a corresponding change.
The white balance: click the "M" button to enter the white balance there are five options: auto, Daylight, Cloudy, incandescent, Fluorescent, The default for auto, choose corresponding modes will be a corresponding change.
Sharpness: click the "M" enter sharpness, there are three options: normal, Sharp, soft, default for normal, choose corresponding modes will be a corresponding change.
Quality: click the "M" button to enter quality, there are three options: super, fine, normal , the default for super, choose corresponding modes will be a corresponding change. date: click the "M" button to enter, "on/off" and "set date" three choices, Choose "Set date", click the "M" button to enter according to Settings "year/month/day" click "next" button to switch…