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Class Schedule

August 25 – Introduction to the course & course requirements Grading
Available free campus resources Photoshop from your dorm/house- virtual desktop Using the ITC’s My files Call the help desk Thumb drives – VERY helpful
Your cameras – finding out what everyone uses Downloading your images
Assignment – One image depicting your first week on campus-due- August 31st

August 31– It’s all about the shutter speed, lens opening and ISO!
High and low resolution images – jpgs Using the same jpg over and over and over – don’t do it resizing & cropping images
Composition of an image- cropping images The 4 corners of your viewfinder or LCD Histograms Best time of day for outdoor photography – the golden light Image storage, where are your backups?

September 7th – NO Class – Professor at Association of Pain Management Nursing Convention all week.

Assignment one image having to do with the broad concept of football. This can be tailgating, walking to the stadium, the marching band (even practicing), concessions, people dressed in Hawkeye apparel, a football game itself (either University or High School)-due September 14th.

September 14th -Computer Lab Nursing Building –Professor will stay late to help individuals who are having difficulty with their images Photoshop Controls – brightness / contrast, highlights and shadows plus more Assignment at the end of this class you will have all three images (first week on campus, 1 football image, resized and submitted for critique in the ICON drop box)

September 21nd – Field trip place TBA

Assignment 1 image that reflect the concept of “motion” – can be people, transportation or anything that moves….

September 28th Computer Lab Basement College of Nursing Building

October 5

Assignment 1 image of either Clinton Street or Grand Avenue- note there has to be something in the image that makes it easily recognizable as either Clinton Street or Grand Avenue (Grand Avenue runs between Slater and Reinow Halls, Clinton Street is the street in front of Burge, Daum and Currier – prefer that you do not photograph a street sign!

October 12 – Class field trip meet on the East side steps (the ones that face downtown) of the Old Capitol Building (on the Pentacrest, not the Old Capitol