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As an introduction to the unit Tomorrow, you watched a film in class that dealt with a particular issue. The issues included Social Impact of Technology, Disease Pandemics, Artificial Intelligence, Genetic Engineering and Climate Change. The purpose of the film was to generate discussion on the role technology plays in people’s lives today and how that has the potential to impact positively or negatively on future generations.

You are to prepare a multimodal presentation for the United Nations Youth for the Future Forum. Simply put, a multimodal presentation involves a presentation through more than one mode. You are required to give a 5 minute presentation (including 3-4 minutes of you talking) informing your audience of an issue that is of global importance. It should be an issue that has significant social, political, economic, environmental, or technological implications. You must look at:

• The situation that currently exists

• The possible future implications (positive or negative)

• What humans can do now to lessen negative impact

Some suggestions as to how to approach this task:

• Decide on a mode of presentation. You may choose to accompany your speech with a PowerPoint presentation, a DVD (of your own or a clip from a movie, TV show etc), some music, a poster, diagrams, graphs, photographs etc. Keep in mind that you will be marked primarily on your speech, so spend more time on this.

• Decide on an issue of interest to you which you would like to discuss.

• Brainstorm what you know of the issue currently.

• Write down questions that will help to guide your research. Your presentation will sound much more convincing if it contains evidence of good research.

• Research the topic, focussing your research on the three dot points in the task above.

• Write the body of your speech.

• Write your introduction and conclusion.

• Practise! You MUST speak, NOT read!

Documentation of Text Production Process

This record reveals the development of your work. You are encouraged to seek assistance whenever necessary, but you must never lose control of the piece. If you do not provide evidence of the process of your work, you may have difficulty proving ownership. When you submit the final copy of your task, you must also submit all rough drafts (typed or hand written) and the task sheets, ensuring that this text production process table has been completed and the declaration of authorship signed.

|RESOURCES |STAGES OF TEXT PRODUCTION – explain how resource was used. |
|Material |Original ideas |Rough Draft |Final Copy |
|Internet | | | |
|School library | | | |
|Outside libraries | | | |
|Computer | | | |
|Magazines | | | |
|Other | | | |
|Human |Original ideas |Rough