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Parents have the greatest influence on their children.

As we all know, a kid was born from his mom, and the outward appearance will be same as his father or his mother in most cases. The parents will raise the child up, so kids will spend lots of time with their parents. Parents will also decide who the kids would make friend with while the kids are young. Although the children will leave their parents as they become adults, the child has been shaped by the parents.

The kids have the same family trees as their parents, due to this reason, the kids may have the similar personality with the relatives of the parents, so the children will act as people in parent’s family tree. Gene makes each children unique. Inherited from our parents, they go far in determining our physical traits — like eye color and the color and texture of our hair. They also determine things like whether babies will be male or female, the amount of oxygen blood can carry, and the likelihood of getting certain diseases. There are lots of people have said that I seems exactly as my dad, but not like my mom. A recent study supports the idea that there are multiple windows of opportunity during which what a child is exposed to in daily life can make big differences in his or her cognitive (mental) development, both at that time and in the future. The parents’ gene takes a quite major role of children’s growing.

Secondly, parents as the first educator of the children, will create an environment which a kid will grow up. Parents can influence how their children behave, feel, and act towards the outside world. If parents always argue for little things and fight, I believe the kids are going to do same thing as parents when they grow up. Conversely, if parents improve their quality and personality as the kids grow up, the kids will be nice people for sure. The education from the parents can easily decide the children’s personality. As the children are very young, parents start to teach the kids what they can and can’t do. My mother told me that you should make friends with students who get the good mark (Fake) when I was young, and now I know that who I should make friends with. The lack of this education may leads to the consequence that the children become impolite and selfish.