Essay about Phycology: Classical Conditioning and Beautiful Woman

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Antonia Moberg

Another classical conditioning I found in the TV which describes how to enter a good commercial. In this commercial I Jlo was sitting in the car and when she droves all this men are running after here through the whole commercial. In this commercial the attractiveness of women that is used to sell cars. Experimenter figured out that men think cars are more amazing, faster, and more trendy when a beautiful woman is with the car. After the men buying the car, the men notice that the positive feelings on see the woman were unnoticed linked with buying the car. Before conditioning :UCS: beautiful woman UCR: Feeling good NS: car. Conditioning: NS: car UCS: beautiful woman UCR: feeling good. After conditioning: CS: car CR: feeling good . For unconditioned people, in particular for women more than for men, the car that presents the neutral stimulus would not have any meaning for them. It just presents as a basic object for most of the people. Against that, the gorgeous model (UCS) who presents the car evokes a good feeling for the men with her good looks before conditioning. The mens react with a positive feeling in relative to the woman. An association can be built between the NS and UCS, which most important do not have any relation to each other which getting closer and closer, the more they were presented together. That means that the NS leads to an UCR when it is attach with the UCS. After conditioning, the car (CS) evokes a good feeling for the men about the car which finally ends up buying the car. Just seeing the car, without seeing the beautiful woman, give the man a good reaction. It is very important that the NS (car) is presented before the UCS (woman) in the commercial, so that it announces the beautiful woman. Because if not, when the UCS (woman) does not follow after presenting the CS (car), it mabye could lead to an extinguishing of the conditioned reaction. The woman is the attractive part of the commercial which is invented to give the man a good feeling in buying this car. When the woman does not show up for a long time in relation to the car, the man will lose the interest in the can. One form of classical conditioning I found when I was watching a documentary . It describes that the falling bombs in World War II that made people horrified. Most of the time, an air-raid warning was sent out before the first bombs were falling. After that, many people were scared when they just heard a second repetition of the air-raid warning. Even in peacetime, when the people don’t need to worry at all, the siren raises fear among them, even if it is only a test alarm. In this example, Before conditioning the unconditioned stimulus is the falling bombs, and the unconditioned response is the fear. The neutral stimulus demonstrate in the air-raid warning (siren) which does not develop any reactions to the people. Conditioning, The neutral stimulus (siren) is combined with the dropping bombs (UCS) which leads to a reaction to the people in form of fear. The fear demonstrates the unconditioned reaction in this case. The previously neutral stimulus is now a conditioned stimuli (siren) which leads to fear (conditioned response) of the people. The falling bombs (UCS) means for everybody something before conditioning and that is why everyone reacts with fear. Only through combining air-raid and dropping the bombs leads to the conditioned response. After a while the CS (siren) is strong enough to elicit a conditioned response (fear) by itself.
One of the very example of Operant conditioning, I found in a scene in the show "The Big Bang Theory". In the scene as Sheldon tries to train Penny to become a better person through giving her chocolates every time she does something he likes. The scene begins with Penny clearing the table and asks if she can get Sheldon's platter, because she asks as she gets a chocolate. During the scene once it happens like situations and Sheldon