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Sensation detection the stimuli’s

Perception in our brains

Is something our eyes are doing

Informed perceptions-

Had a belief that we see all our sensations as a whole.

How so we organize our receptions.

How to we receive form

We have to separate figure from ground, this is called visual segregation

Reversible figures are the different things found in one picture to make it a completely different picture.

How do we take stimuli and put them into different groups:

Our minds follow rules although we do not know

We group things that are close together – proximity

We group similarity

We group by continuous patterns rather than other patterns – continuity

Our brain tends to fill in gaps – closure

Where is the object what size is it, what does it look like.

Because of our eyes and having 2 they allow us to have depth cues

We use binuclear cues for retinal disparity, which


Nuromuscular cue

Monocular cues ( distant objects) used for perceiving distances

Relive size smaller images is more distance

The smaller the image on our retina our brain says our brain is far away

One eyes is always dominant

Linear perspective

Parallel lines if we are looking at a road, we know there not actually converging. Our brain says the more the road converges the more distance the road is.

Our eyes presume that hazy objects are farther away.

You don’t judge distances as well in the fog.

Texture gradient

Relative height we see objects higher