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Problems of high violence level in movie industry.

Present-day spectator watches so many films, that it`s plot may become reflected in our real life. Today`s film industry offer a wide range of genres in every movie theatre. You might prefer watching comedies, romantic films or even horrors or thrillers, but most of nowadays popular movies contains a big number of cruelty and violence episodes. The main reason of such situation in industry is that such scenes seem to be showing and entertainment, especially for young people.
The knowledge in human psychology point to the fact that killing or watching the death of oneself is normal in our nature. Lots of entertainment companies and scenario writers actively uses this statement in order to attract more spectators and earn more money since the ancient time.
So what`s the problems of such way of entertainment? First of all, some people, when they saw such action in the movie, started to think alike their favourite personage. Their life idea is that violence is a real good way in solving problems, as they saw it in movie theatre screen.
Second important problem consist in right education of new age. Unformed phyche of young generation might be destructed by such kind of movies.
There are many examples of this kind of behavior. Day to day in news we see lots of occurrence happened because of violence in our films.
Solvation of this problem may grow from different spheres. Governments policy of non-intervention may become a big trap for all society. Consider censorchip is one decision . It could be helpful in protecting children from unwarranted violence in films.

Classification of cars body.
Let`s describe the main types of car bodies in nowadays production. Certainly there are about 30 basic types of car bodies and, moreover, lots of their variations. Such kind of diversity may become a real problem for people who don`t care about this or just difficult to understand.
The most popular model is Sedan. Lower than others types seating ensure high level of comfort, cheap production cost and steadiness on the road as centre of gravity is near the land. Also it might be helpful with relation to safety.
The second popular type is Crossover. This model is mostly based on sedan, but the clearance between land an car body is much bigger. Such characteristics may rescue you in snowy winters or in the country side, where it`s really needed.
Another well-known type of car body is Univelsal. It seems to be a sedan, but the difference is that it has much bigger luggage place from the rear of car.
And the last basic model of car body is Pickup. This type invented and popular amongst farmers and country side leavers. Because of it`s carrying capacity pickup become a useful car type for people who wanted to transport their cargo from one point to another and they don`t need to buy a big truck for it.
It`s only the main, basic types of car bodies. There are lots of derivatives from them. Nowadays car-manufacturers offers a wide range of car bodies on every life situation.
Choosing the right type and model may cause a real problem for some people. The main idea of correct selection is good knowledge’s of yours requirements. Good