Physical Abuse and Families Essay

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Children have no control or help for the abuse in their families. Child abuse is the physical or emotional mistreatment or neglect of a child or children (Web). Children in emotional situation are frequently blaming themselves for their abuse in their family. The child believes that the abuse is caused by their actions. The child stay in the family and don’t leave, because they believe if they leave they will have no parent to take care of them. In the mind of the children they believe that there is not a way out and no one would help them. The children just stay in the family because they also feel the world is against them. Children just think of their family as home. Even though the children know there being physically and emotionally abused by their family, they take it because they believe this is how life is suppose to be. Child abuse is no accident or injury it’s a pattern of unreasonable abuse to children that they can’t explain for themselves, but they except the abuse. Families grow their children up thinking your suppose to put your hands on people even though this is unreasonable, because they are slapped hit, kicked or pushed, or have something thrown at them causing an injury, damage to their bodies. I feel these children because they have no way of knowing how good life could because of their situation. Child abuse is more than just bruises and broken bones. Having no way to manage what’s going on is hard, children who are abused no this feeling very well. Child Abuse is a growing problem in our society, many children are being abused. The situational problems children are in are sometimes the reason they don’t leave there families. Many children have no idea of how to survive on their own without their families. They have no idea of a legally way to survive. Children age can be the main cause of them not knowing how to survive in the real world, because they have no idea how to make money on their own and can’t get a job because there too young to work legally. The way for children to leave their family is very difficult. Many children who are abused really families are very poor and can’t afford many things, that why many children are blamed by their parents for this main reason. Children who do leave their families ends up coming back to them, because they can’t survive on their own, and have no else to go. Their situation just makes this abuse harder on their life, and others who are involved with them and can’t help them out. Children just stay in their condition with their family. The children who could leave stay for something personal