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How does physical abuse affect the young individual? (revised)

According to the National Child Abuse statistics, every day more than five children die daily from child abuse alone in America. Depending on the different types of abuse such as, physical abuse, emotional abuse, and sexual abuse, they all have negative effects. Out of all of these, physical abuse is the one that tends to have the most impact on a child, says Child Welfare, Physical abuse can cause emotional problems, and physical problems social problems for the young individual.

Perhaps the most negative effects of physical abuse is the emotional problems that occur. After the victim is abused, the trauma is great. With the victim in shock, that person might turn to drugs and alcohol to cope with the problem, but all that escalates to is more troubles. For instance, drugs and alcohol can both mentally disorient the victim, this can increase the chance of the person’s ability to make bad decisions, and a more likely chance of being in motor accident or possibly participate in other crimes. As stated by Meditrend. Another problem that the victim has to deal with is the guilt, shame and self blame. With the person feeling “down” about themselves this leads to a lack of concentration. For example, that person might be going to school and with the lack of concentration he or she has a greater chance of getting lower grades, which then can lower self esteem and possibly decrease any hope of having a decent future. Also, the traumatized individual might feel “helpless” about themselves. This can escalate to an unhealthy situation. For instance, a person might not feel the need to eat, but over time they can develop an eating disorder which ultimately leads to frustration, disappointment, and constant worrying about the individual’s body image. Overall emotional problems can impact the decisions an individual makes.

Furthermore, physical problems on the young individual can be great. Beating is second common sign of physical abuse. According to Child Abuse Effects. This can lead to broken bones and other medical problems. For example, the victim of physical abuse may suffer brain damage, (known as traumatic brain injury) this can cause changes in personality, mental abilities, and “physical effects” this influences the individual by preventing what normally people can do. For example, that person may have troubles with day to day tasks, such as learning and being physical active . Another problem an individual has to face is whether they are getting enough nutrition to survive. For instance, The person who physically abused the victim might withdrawal basic needs such as food and water . In fact, a recent study from Child Health Epidemiology has revealed that victims who don’t get their nutritional value every day, end up less stronger, shorter, and have less energy compared to a person who has been eating. For example, that person who has been deprived of food has a greater