Physical Attractiveness and Attractive Applicants Essay

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Job selection decisions are very important to applicants, organizations, and to society as a whole. Selecting qualified individuals is crucial to an organization’s success and survival. Applicants applying for positions of their choice expect the hiring process to be free of bias, stereotypes, and any unfair discrimination. However desperately hard society fights for the values of equal employment opportunity, evidence shows that various different forms of discrimination are still a continuing problem in the workplace. Research on employment selection has indicated that attractive individuals are often portrayed in a more positive light than their less attractive counterparts. Throughout cultural history, people have been taught that what is beautiful is good and what is ugly is bad. This idealism One critical study conducted by Jawahar and Mattsson (2005) demonstrated that job applicants may encounter different employment opportunities as a function of their sex, their physical attractiveness, the sex type of the job, and the self-monitoring level of the decision maker. Results of this study also indicated that attractive applicants are preferred over less attractive applicants and have a significantly better chance of being selected to a particular job position than an applicant that presents with a less attractive overall appearance. While conducting their study, the researchers also discovered a unique aspect, one dealing with the identification of individual differences. In the two experiments they