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Physical Description
The Tursiops truncatus, better know as the known as the bottlenose dolphins, are some of the most widely recognized dolphin species in the world, due to their popular display in Aquariums and marine parks. They are also very popular due to the fact that they are the most common species of the Delphinidae family, which is considered the largest dolphin family, ranging over
30 different species. The direct translation of the scientific name Tursiops truncatus, literary translates into a “Dolphin like appearance with a shortened snout” (Bottlenose Dolphin, n.d.).
These specific species can easily be identified by their short and stubby rostrum, and are normally grey in color. They grow into a darker grey color at the top of the dorsal fin. They have a “blowhole” at the top of their heads, through which they breath, unlike popular belief that they use their rostrum. A bottlenose’s dorsal fin and fluke, which is essentially the tail, contain absolutely no muscle, making them flexible, which allows the dolphin to move quickly and efficiently (Gorter, 2006). It also has flippers, which are located on the sides, just like airplanes, which are used for control or steering when navigating under water. In general, the average length of Bottlenose Dolphin is between 8 to 12 feet. They weigh can weigh 330 Ibs to as much as 1450 Ibs. It was discovered that the size varies based on the habitat. For example, some dolphins in Florida recorded an average length of 8ft as opposed to the dolphins located in
Scotland which were 13ft (Facts About Dolphins, n.d.). Their skin is also 10 to 20 times thicker, than the