Physical Development in Middle Childhood Essay

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The physical, cognitive and socio-emotional domains of human development are influenced by diverse factors. Phases of development extend from the beginnings of human life and continue throughout the lifespan. These developmental phases are characterised by a range of features including brain development, language development and social development amongst others.

Gross motor skills include activities such as running, skipping and jumping. They involve the use of the body’s larger muscle groups. Gross motor skills greatly improve in middle childhood due to increased muscle mass, strength and coordination (McDevitt and & Ormrod, 2010). These skills also improve with practice and repetition which can be provided by participation in the
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In some Arabic families physical activity (dancing and competitive sport) is frowned upon for girls. There are specific times of the year when religious practices (such as fasting in daylight hours during Ramadan) inhibit students’ ability to take part in sports and games. When teachers embrace these differences and plan activities accordingly, they create positive and welcoming learning environments where students feel accepted. good

Teachers must ensure that the skills they teach are relevant to the age and developmental stage of their students. In the case of younger students it is appropriate to incorporate activities which enhance and develop their fine motor skills. A classroom Art and Craft Activity Corner would accommodate this. Drawing, cutting and pasting, working with threads and beads all contribute to such development. These activities also provide a creative outlet for children, and their self-esteem is boosted when their artwork is displayed on classroom walls. Asking students to model their own families from play dough is a great way of engaging them while developing essential fine motor skills. Chants and rhymes accompanied by ritualised hand, arm leg movements again contribute to both fine and gross motor skill development. “Where is Thumbkin?”, “Incey Wincey Spider”, “Paw Paw Patch” and “Old Tom” are typical of such chants and rhymes.
In middle childhood the physical activities should be both challenging and fun. It is required that the