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Health and physical activity for us is essential to growth and development. Physical fitness is stimulating to the body and mind. Fitness raises our health levels by improving cardio fitness, flexibility, muscular strength and muscular endurance. As fitness improves, so does our heart, lungs, and muscle strength. Physical Education also provides an outlet for students to let loose their frustrations, particularly stress. Many actually have fun while playing the assigned sport, even if they are playing badly. By moving those muscles, the body can relax while it builds up muscle strength and endurance, so the body gets double the benefit.
In my physical education class I experienced a lot and I liked it. One of the reasons that I liked is that we had time to try/participate in other sports. It also provides a background in some of the sports. For example, someday you will likely be invited to hang out with your friends for recreational activities that do not involve clubbing. You may play baseball, softball, floor hockey, basketball, etc. It would be no fun if you didn't know how to play or you just plain sucked. P.E. then helps students build up on that skill. I like 10 and second passes, because it's fun game and I like teamwork especially. Working with your team makes it more interesting and it keeps in motivation of playing the game on. After I win I feel that lion-like-proud and that high fives you give to your team makes you feel superior than the other team. I play second passes, steal the bacon and kickball. I believe Physical Education is part of my cirruculum because I take physical education classes. Cleaning house also is one of modes that keeps you active. Mostly I would say walking from 1st floor to 4th floor burns your calories. Emotional effect of it is that it makes you happy once you notice you lost weight after working out that finally hard work pays off. The feeling of happiness effects you mentally, too, because for girls to stay in fit is the most important.
I have participated in many activities. The first activity that I had participated was gymnastics. I too gymnastics for five years and when I moved to America I just had to drop it. But after it, I took volleyball for two years. I enjoyed playing volleyball and now its my favorite sport. Also I took dance for a year. I enjoyed participation in those activities. One of my favorite activities is gymnastics. Gymnastics took all my childhood. We used to travel to different cities to participate and for wining. We won lots of time. It was hard in gymnastics but still I learned a lot and won a lot. Thanks to gymnastics for giving me a good childhood and a time to travel.
Other than professional Athletes there are different kinds of career