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TASS is short for The Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme. This is funded by the government; they have partnerships with national governing bodies of sport and the higher university and further education sector. TASS helps athletes balance out the education and their training for their sport. TASS was founded in 2003 by Tessa Jowell MP. TASS has invested over £24 million into their athletes and have helped them get to the Olympics. The impact of TASS’s investment was already evident at the Beijing Olympic/Paralympic Games in 2008, where TASS Athletes and Alumni won 19 medals (15 at the Olympics, four at the Paralympics).
TASS funds a lot of sports, most of which are also Olympic sports. TASS funds around 600 talented young athletes who have a bright future. One person who was given TASS support was Rebecca Adlington, as people know she is a very successful Olympic athlete and she had this to say, “ It’s not only senior internationalists such as Olympians that require a good support structure if they are to be successful. Developing age-group athletes also need support if they are to progress to the senior stage.
Being on the TASS programme as an age-grouper helped with additional financial backing to support my parents and helped me access support I might not have used, such as sports medicine and sports science.” Inclusive fitness initiative:
The Inclusive Fitness Initiative is a programme there to support people’s fitness industry. It caters the needs of disabled and non – disabled people wishing to parcipitate in sport and keep fit. It has been established for around 10 years now with over 400 IFI accredited gyms. The closest one to Newquay is Waterworld gym. This has a lift that will take you up and down to the gym.

This is what IFI is here to do to help disabled and non – disabled people to enjoy their sports and fitness. This therefor means that the gym will get more money because you will get a lot of disabled people mixed with non – disabled people and it will also make them all feel like friends and bring people closer.
IFI gyms are put all around the U.K and are available for anyone to use. They will help you get fitter and have many qualities like staff training, sports development, Accessible facilities fitness equipment and marketing and engagement. All of these make a great sports facility and will maximise your progression as a sports person.
Places, people play strategy:
This is part of sport England and is also funded by the national lottery. The national lottery has put in over £150 million. This is for everyone wishing to do sport. It helps disabled and non – disabled sportsmen and women. It also protects people’s playing fields so that they can keep playing on them, it also hires club leaders so that they can open more clubs so more people can therefor precipitate in