physical education should be required in all schools Essay

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Research Project Moheeb Iqbal The state of Arizona is in dire need of families to take care of children that were removed from their homes due to suspected neglect, abuse, and unfit parents. Unfortunately, the children who go through these situations leave their families and their lives behind and usually have long term effects of it. As fast as families leave foster care through adoption or foster parents, new children come in looking for homes as they’re living and being taken of what is called Foster-Care Systems which is ran by the government. Many foster parents have become overwhelmed and completely frustrated with the government’s system and have forced themselves to turn in their licenses due to the fact of the system inability to help them. Child Protective Services are struggling to manage a steady stream of kids coming into care and that more of those foster kids have serious behavioral problems. The children that are experiencing the difficult life in foster care typically develop long term behavioral and mental problems due to neglect and previous abuse. Communication is a very important factor with each and every individual child. From birth and forward the child is connected automatically to the parents and share a special bond. For that child to be taken away from there is incredibly heartbreaking. The children that are taken into foster care wait months to receive any type of professional counseling and other treatment for their individual needs. It sometimes takes months up to years for certain children to be placed into a foster care family and away from foster care. The limited amount of resources that the children need are not enough to fulfill their needs that the children should have. The system also doesn’t give enough to each individual what it really takes to care for that child. Another interference with the foster care is keeping the siblings separate. It becomes more difficult to place siblings in the same home due to because shortage of families and them not wanting more then one. The state only requires families to care up to five children, and families with a great amount of siblings would obviously be split up. All the children also have to meet age, size, and gender qualifications. The numbers of foster care percentages that stay together are very low. About one-third of foster children live with relatives and about half live in non relative family homes. It’s difficult for children to get the care they need when they need it due to shortage