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Suitable physical preparation can enhance an athlete’s well-being by reducing the chances of injury occurring. Physical preparation is achieved through pre-screening, development of skill and technique, adequate warm up and cool downs and physical fitness including improvement in flexibility, endurance, strength, balance and other sport specific components of fitness.
Pre screening enhances an athlete’s well being in sport participation effectively as it examines an athlete’s medical background, strengths and weaknesses through physical testing and questionnaires. Through undertaking pre-screening tests prior to prior to participation in physical activity a sport physiotherapist is able to assess the current musculoskeletal condition of the athlete. For example, physical testing of the athlete reveals weak muscular strength in the ankle. This can cause problems for the athlete in the future and increase chance of injury to that area. However due to pre-screening examination the athlete is aware and can adequate address the problem therefore is able to participate safely in physical activity. Pre-screening successfully highlights potential problems and allows for preventative measures to be taken, enhancing the physical well being of an athlete. Pre screening is the appropriate and necessary measure to be taken before involvement in physical activity, once involved in physical activity the development of skill and technique will further enhance an athlete’s well being as it also reduces the chance of injury.
To ensure an athlete’s well being is upheld and enhanced the development of skill and technique is required as it is proven that athletes of a higher skill level obtain fewer injuries. The acquisition of skill and technique not only improves performance but also dramatically reduces the chances of developing overuse, chronic and acute injuries. It is essential to successfully develop the basic level of technique for a specific sport then progressively improve upon them, increasing the athlete’s skill level. There can be both short and long term injuries obtained through inability to correctly perform sporting movements due to not developing a basic level of skill and technique. An example of a short term injury is suffering either soft or hard tissue injuries such as fractures or contusions through incorrect tackling in rugby league. A long term injury such as back problems can be experienced by a cricket bowler who incorrectly executes the required techniques. The ability to develop and gradually extend the required sport specific skill and techniques successfully will majorly enhance an athlete’s well being, as well as increasing an athlete’s ability to successfully improve upon overall physical fitness.
Physical fitness in relation to physical preparation enhances an athlete’s well being as it contributes to the reduction in chances of developing injury and improves over all athletic performance. The areas that will require the most attention is determined by the sport specific requirements. Some areas that might require improvement and development include endurance, balance, flexibility and strength. For example the sporting and physical requirements placed upon a gymnast will require a high level of balance, strength and flexibility. A gymnast that lacked in any other these areas would be presented with a high chance of injury development. A gymnast would require an overall high level of flexibility at all joints in order to successfully perform tasks such as the splits. An athlete can achieve this through the appropriate means of stretching whether it is dynamic, ballistic, PNF or, static, on a regular basis. A gymnast also requires high levels of balance which can be achieved through the strengthening of core muscles