Essay on Physical Properties of water

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Physical properties of water
Specific heat: how much energy you have to put in to raise the temperature of that mass by one degree Celsius.
-how much energy is needed to raise the temperature of 1g of water by 1 degree Celsius.
Water has unique properties related to its polar nature and tendency to form hydrogen bonds with itself.
-heat of fusion
Heat of vaporization
High specific heat
Water has a high specific heat. It takes a lot of energy to raise its temperature.
High heat of fusion
Large input of energy required to melt water. It takes a lot of energy to raise/lower the temperature of water so the fact that we are made of water makes it hard for us to freeze because living things do not like to be frozen.
High specific heat
-Large input of energy required to raise temperature
High heat of vaporization
Cooling (sweat, evaporation)
When humidity is relatively low, sweat usually evaporates.
Special properties of water
Solid, water and ice
When water freezes, its gets bigger.
-is less dense than liquid water
-floats in liquid water
Water is a versatile solvent due to its polarity especially for anything that is polar and charged.
High dielectric contestant
Water has completely hidden the charge so that that it can’t see the other charge.
Solutes: substance dissolved in a liquid
Solvent: liquid in which they are dissolved
Solution: solutes dissolved in a solvent
Hydrophilic molecules: “water loving”
-readily dissolved in water.