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Physical Rehabilitation Practical Examination


-Meet and Greet the patient (Hi my name is Tanisha, how are you?)
- Explain what you are going to do today. (We are 3rd year physical rehabilitation students, today I will just be asking you some questions regarding your injury, then I will take a few clinical assessments and then hopefully I will be able to create a program that will help manage your injury and then hopefully see you next week and we can go through the program.
- Ask if they have their consent form
- Start with the question; what are you here for today?

When asking questions about the injury ensure the following are covered:
-Physical activity levels (Does their occupation consist of sitting down for long periods of time?).
-Ask if they are taking any medications/vitamins and for what reasons
-What are their goals (home/gym based program.
-If the injury still gives them trouble today if they had an injury say 10 years ago
-Previous Injury; had any procedures done; still bothers them; sharp/dull pain; left/right; what causes the pain?; what is the direct source?.

In most cases will need to keep the body and injury as mobile as possible.

-Postural assessment
-Gait pattern
-ROM exercises
-Can they lift against gravity/weight

Assessment problems
-What the client has presented?
-What am I going to do with the program?

Ask the client:
-Goals; what do…