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Physical Security
Amanda Sprinkle
May 17th, 2015
Professor Nathan Johnson

Physical Security Clients Assessment
There are a many different elements to developing a comprehensive security system. Each aspect of a security system is designed for a specific purpose and is not fully effective alone. To have an effective security system it is important to operate with physical and technological tools to prevent unauthorized access and protect the clients needs. Perimeter security, Access control security, building security, and information and technology Security are all likely to be used in a security setting. Each type of protection can be used in conjunction with one another to promote a stronger and more effective security system. Building a comprehensive and effective security system can be the difference between and unauthorized entry and secured location or home.
Types of Security
There are many types of security used in the security industry and in private establishments. Some smaller companies or homes may simply use surveillance footage from cameras on their property, while others may use a fully physical force such as perimeters, building security, technology, and access control security. Personal homes can also benefit from setting up perimeters such as fence lines to deter entry from unwanted people (Katz, 2003). Using some form of security limits the likelihood of an attack or unauthorized entry.
For larger more complex types of security the systems used need to be more elaborate and structured to prevent incidents from occurring. Perimeter Security is the first line of defense for a security setting. While putting fence lines, barbed wire, gates, and barricades are not always the most attractive of options, the perimeter helps to deter individuals from trying to enter. Establishing a physical security barrier is the first defense that should be established to protect a location (Katz, 2003)
In most security settings perimeters are checked and guarded by security officers attending to the post. Some facilities and assignments require officers to remain at the perimerter, while other may just require frequent checks. Either way, a physical barrier limiting the access of individuals from inside or outside the perimeter reduces the likelihood that an incident could occur. To establish this type of barrier it is important to look for access points that intruders may use. Windows, doors, and broken fence lines are areas of concern when dealing with a barrier (Katz, 2003).
Building security and grounds security cover the interior and exterior of the building. Inside the building it is likely that security officers are posted at certain areas or walking the building doing interior inspections. Depending on the type of facility being guarded, the security officers could be looking for multiple things. For example some security companies are protecting industrial facilities so officer may be required to check facilities for fire hazards, process inspections to ensure fire equipment and systems are operating properly, and ensure that the people within the building are safe. Having frequent checks outside of the building also provides similar safety protection and doubles as another detection option if someone were to penetrate the perimeter.
Access control systems are another important security feature. Access control systems monitor the entry and exit of individuals on the property. Access control systems can be used at entry points of the perimeter or facility. Access control system use a variety of options to track the entry and exit of individuals from the property, or through the facility. One of the most popular options are card readers that requires an individual to swipe a card through a card reader system. This system will then track the entry of the individual. This type of system helps to keep unauthorized persons from entering areas that may be restricted. Other types of access control…