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Riordan Manufacturing has four locations throughout the world with 350 employees. The corporate headquarters is in San Jose, California. Periodically reviewing security policies is the best way to keep up with emerging technologies. Adapting to new threats, or updating software, are important tasks that an organization must do if they are to remain competitive in today’s markets.
San Jose, California The Riordan Manufacturing plant in San Jose, California has 125 employees and is the main corporate office that overarches the Riordan Manufacturing complex. This location should exemplify a model that provides the framework for every component of security. A security model that creates a cultural environment that envelops a strategy to layer security so that it is seamless throughout all the locations. It is the corporate office and this is where the security culture is created. By establishing this culture, it could be as simple as face and thumb scans with badges that are RFID tagged, GPS enabled along with security clearance levels. If an employee’s security level is not high enough, then that employee would not be allowed in certain places. A visual security monitor using closed circuit technology for administrative support, human resources, and security officers. This includes a central security station adjacent to the MDF room that will house the active directory and primary domain controller. The antiquated network security is also an issue. Having the security cameras placed strategically throughout the physical plant will decrease the need for a large security force. (University of Phoenix, 2013) Having the system upgraded to Windows Server 2008 R would greatly enhance network security by assigning user names and passwords running through WPA 2 Enterprise. This is more secure than WEP. Consolidated User Administration (CUA) is a central function that manages user and account profiles. User provisioning creates and deletes user account according to the life cycle of the account. Single Sign-On (SSO) allows a user to access the resources when it authenticates the user. Password management synchronizes user passwords across multiple applications as it updates. Strong authentication provides a mixture of protective services.
“Directory Management - Manages user accounts within a central setting, in many cases a
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) directory. Web Access Control provides user account authorization within Web-based applications.” (Barr, James G., 2013)
Albany, Georgia The Riordan plant in Albany, Georgia is a plastic bottling facility that has a network stretching from the office personnel in the warehouse manufacturing area. This allows for many different holes in network and physical security. The problem with physical security in the Albany, Georgia manufacturing plant is that there are only forty-five employees. Few employees leaves the area unwatched. Strangers may be able to break in and go unnoticed. This can also help employees steal because there are not many people around to see.
The network security is a major concern when it comes to sales and distribution. Denial-of-service attacks have increased dramatically in the last year and are becoming much larger and more difficult to stop. This is slowing down the systems of companies. The fact that the Albany plant is a distribution warehouse means the network needs to keep running smoothly to make sure that the product is released on time. The attacks of malware on a network can be significant. They can be enough to shut down a computer and make it unbootable. These attacks can be initiated by an employee opening an email and causing a full scale attack. Another problem is that Albany might not have enough information technology staffing for the building. The administrator having to log in and work on the system over the Internet, or through a Virtual Private Network (VPN), can cause an opening for viruses even if the