Physical Therapist Challenges

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Before beginning a career stop and think about what the job actually is like. It seems like so many people rush into a career, and they end up becoming uncertain of their career choice. One major issue that many physical therapist face, is not understand what this job entails. Physical therapy can be a rewarding occupation if he or she fully understand what it involves. In order to have a better understanding of what being a physical therapist is like he or she should consider the job duties, the personality traits required, the challenges and benefits physical therapist’s face, and the wide range of career opportunities available. All occupations have certain duties that come along with the job. Whether it is a teacher being able to teach …show more content…
The first challenge a future therapist faces is completing all of the schooling that is required. Physicals therapists in Florida are required to obtain a doctorate degree. Because of this requirement schooling to become a physical therapist can be very expensive. Often times physical therapists face challenges encouraging patients to actively participate and follow through with their recovery plan. The best physical therapists invest extra time into these stubborn patients in order to help them recover. Investing more time into such patients can result in loss of personal time causing emotional stress related challenges ( Despite these challenges the benefits of becoming a physical therapist can be quite rewarding. One of the biggest benefits of becoming a therapist is creating the ability to make a difference in people’s lives. Helping a patient recover from injurie or disease is likely the most rewarding part of the job. “More than twenty-one percent of physical therapists are owners of, or partners in, a physical therapy practice” ( Owning a practice can be the most lucrative form of this occupation. Private practices only scratch the surface of the wide variety of career opportunities in the field of physical