Physical Therapy Argumentative Essay

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We are at a pivotal point in history, one which may prove to be of tremendous strain to our economy as well as potentially creating numerous job opportunities helping to expand physical therapy as a career. The average age of the population has been increasing steadily over the past few decades, increasing the demand for adaptation in the work place, in the home and city planning as well. The next generation is dramatically smaller than the expanding older population this strain is being felt now, many people will remain in the workforce for longer than previous generations some out of necessity and others because of a desire to remain working.1 This situation has created an abundance of opportunities for those in the healthcare profession, including physical therapists and physical therapist assistants, to take advantage of the current abundant job growth with a great period of expansion in the …show more content…
The slow and steady shift in the age of our population show that over the next 20 years the largest portion of our population will be retirees of the baby boomer generation. While this significant segment of the population is on average older it is also on average a healthier and more active generation than any generation in this age range before. Life expectancy has increased due to advances in medicine including physical therapy. The inclusion of physical therapy in a treatment plan is shown to improve the overall outcome of all aspects of healthy living. This expansive segment of the population is more likely to demand to be independent, wishing to remain within the home for longer than in the past. The demand for independence could mean city planners and engineers need to rework many cities to accommodate walking and bicycles as the main means of transport to help ensure people are allowed to live the life they desire.2 Some of the new arenas beginning to open for treatment