Physical Therapy Career Paper

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Career Research Paper: Physical Therapy Every year around nine million adults around the world utilize outpatient physical therapy services. Physical therapy is a popular field and is needed all over the world. There are more than two hundred thousand physical therapists just in the United States. Pursuing a career in physical therapy is something I am interested in because it helps those in need. To pursue this career there are certain schooling, personality traits, and skills required. In order to become a physical therapist, there are certain requirements one must obtain, such as a degree, license and training. According to author Michael Farr, "Physical Therapists need a masters degree from an accredited physical therapy program and …show more content…
The job of a physical therapist is to help people who have faced physical injuries and procedures, and they can help find expedient solutions to help them enhance movement and control his or her pain. According to the article "Physical Therapist", "Based on the examination and the physical therapist's evidence based treatment strategies and the anticipated functional outcomes" ("Physical Therapist" 1). This is done by helping the patient with simple exercises. Physical therapists will also teach the patient how to manage their condition, and they will help them to prevent more injuries. The median salary for a physical therapist is $85,000. An article states, "Salaries vary based on position, years of experience, degree of education, geographic location, and practice setting." ("Who Are Physical Therapists?"). Based on these statistics, being a physical therapist will earn someone a steady income to provide for everyday needs. There are many opportunities outside the United States for physical therapists, especially in third world countries and places who have experienced natural disasters and tragedies. However, there are different requirements than here in the United States. "Who Are Physical Therapists" says, "To work outside the US you will want to be sure you acquire all necessary documentation to live and work legally in the country you choose. The requirements of this process may include: a review of your educational credentials, taking a licensure examination, and/or taking a language proficiency examination" ("Who Are Physical Therapists?"). Not only can a physical therapist use their skills where they live, but they can travel to places in need of help or in the