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1. Job Description a. Develops programs and instructs exercises for rehabilitation to improve injuries/deformities and to prevent new injuries from forming or from pain caused my deformity/disease.

2. Education a. Must receive a graduate degree from an accredited PT program before taking the national licensure examination which allows them to practice. PT education programs are offered at doctoral and masters. b. On-the-job training may be necessary for some people, but they are expected to already have some skill, knowledge, experience, and possibly training of the job already.

3. Salary a. The national average salary for entry level physical therapists is about $53,000 b. This income changes based on the increase of each year of experience in a physical therapists career.

4. Experience a. The experience needed to become a physical therapist differs depending on the state you are planning to become a physical therapist in. Most require you to pass some general education classes that will help prepare you for the physical therapist program. Once accepted into these classes, it will become more aimed toward becoming a PT. Also, in order to apply what they’ve learned they will join a program that’s more hands on in different PT settings. b.

5. Benefits a. Benefits and perks of being a PT are being able to choose your location and work settings ranging from schools to hospitals to nursing homes. You could also start your own business of physical therapy with someone else or by yourself. Lastly, you become a “movement expert” knowing how to deal with the human body and the right way to treat it to get the maximum function out of it. b. PT is a rewarding and enjoyable job because you are able to help people and make a difference in their lives. You get the knowledge to be able to return them to their utmost function or the closest you can to it so they are able to enjoy and live their lives to the fullest.

6. Disadvantages a. Disadvantages- working with unfriendly people; long education needed

7. Personality a. Like to work with others; works well with others; likes helping people; compassion; don’t mind being inside or outside

8. Typical Project a. A typical assignment involves examining medical history, test and measure patient’s strength, determine patient’s ability to do things,