Physical Therapy Personal Statement

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Our fast-paced society revolves around the ability to move. The goal of physical therapy is to assist patients in achieving their goals for movement and function by improving their mechanics and treating their symptoms. When I first arrived at the University of Maine, I was sure that I wanted to be an interpreter. However, the passion that I had for languages throughout high school began to diminish. I began longing for a career that would involve helping people live a better life. Moreover, I wanted to develop the skills needed to reduce the pain a patient experiences during movement. I discovered my true passion for the study of human movement as I was beginning to appreciate its importance in my own life. I have had experiences along the way that have …show more content…
One was a private practice and the other was a hospital inpatient rehabilitation center. I was intrigued by the differences between the two settings. The experiences helped me understand the scope of what physical therapists do and the types of patients they treat. One of the patients I observed at the hospital was 40 years old with multiple sclerosis, lying in a hospital bed motionless and nearly speechless. The physical therapist informed me that he was in the later stages of the disease and he would soon pass away. However, he continued to receive daily physical therapy at the hospital and in his own home. Before this observation, I hadn't realized that physical therapy was provided to ease the pain of those with terminal illnesses. Also, I admired how the therapist maintained a positive attitude and continually spoke to the man so that he knew what to expect and felt more comfortable. When I am working as a physical therapist, I will be patient, attentive and show care toward each patient, as the physical therapist at the hospital did for the man with multiple