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Giovanna Raffa
Mr. Rolland
Period I
8 December 2013

Physician Assistant The career I had in mind when I took the career choice test was one involving medicine. Thankfully, the results of my test resembled the career path I would have chosen. A physician assistant is a health care professional who is licensed to study medicine alongside a doctor. What does a physician assistant do? A physician assistant is a person who is properly trained to examine patients, diagnose ailments, and to prescribe medicine. Generally, a physician assistant will come in and evaluate the patient; the doctor will then come in and confirm the findings. A physician assistant should also possess the desired qualities of communicating, listening, observing and diagnosing. With only 83, 600 physician assistants in the U.S., there is a high demand for this profession. The estimated numeric change in employment by 2020 is 24,700. The average pay for a physician assistant is approximately $86,410 per year and $41.54 per hour. The pay for this job will increase when you advance or specialize in this career. To become a physician assistant you must first earn a bachelor’s degree. You then must complete an educational program for physician assistants. This usually takes around two years of full time studying. It then leads to a master’s degree. Nova Southeastern University currently has it’s program tuition noted at $27,850 per 12 months (27 month program.) Barry University has it’s program tuition at $31,800 per year. And for the University of Florida the tuition is $22,825. The career of a physician assistant has been named numerous times as one of the Best Jobs in America. CnnMoney says “…no med school, no grueling internships, more freedom to move from one specialty to another,” I completely agree with this statement. It is much easier than going to medical school yet; you still feel the satisfaction of aiding a patient.
I see this career with advantages and disadvantages. Some of the advantages would be flexible work hours, working with people, and my love for medicine. In my view, there is one major disadvantage; I will become too emotionally attached to my patients in need. I feel that since I do possess instrumental qualities such as patience and understanding, they can help me overcome this one obstacle I find in this career.
A customary day in the life of a physician assistant can differ. Depending on your boss, you can arrange your hours the way you wish. On the other hand, there are the physician assistants that work under surgeons, and in that case you get called in.
I have a vast interest in this career. My entire life I have had a deep interest in helping others. The ability to assist patients accomplish a healthier lifestyle gives me such a warm and exhilarating feeling. Just the thought of being a part of the road to wellbeing can be so self-rewarding. Having two sisters in medical school, I have met many important physician assistants. By talking to them I have learned so much about the career. Things