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Pro Choice: Physician Assisted Suicide Assisted suicide can date it origins back to Roman times before the christian overhaul, where doctors gave suffering patients a fatal poison. With the new coming of religon throughout the world the act of “assisted suicide” was deemed a sin. Not until recently in the 20th century has this issue been a frontpage headline that is causing severe controversy. The arguments for and against loosly include that it is murder offends many religons and is inhuman. Support is that we should have the right to decide, No one who is suffering should have to, and other options such as pulling the plug that are more ethical. All in all this is not to justify the issue but to show that this option may be correct way to save them from further pain and that only you should make the decision on whether it is needed. Understanding the tense controversy around Physician assisted suicide it only seems right that the dicision surrounding it should be up to the individual and only the individual. No one should be denied something that means so much, the fact that some humans have no chance of survival and are only in immense pain should be obligated to choose this option. “Suicide is the remedy to pain”(Matt Hartman, "Finest Quotes." Matt Hartman Quote. N.p., Apr.-May 2013. Web. Nov.-Dec. 2013.).For legislature to say that this is wrong is unjust because this is the last resort when all hope is gone. Certain individual situations may depend on Physician Assisted suicide and those families should have the right to make that dicision. The guide line for Physician assisted suicde are that the patient has a terminally ill disease and is given by a certified doctor less than six months to live.Recents studies at Harvard Medical have shown that 90% of patients have died when doctors have diagnosed them with a terminally ill disease

and are given less than six months to live. With these odds it is hard to find hope to try and survive and pull through a terminally ill disease. Most cases show that people who are living with a terminally ill disease will have a shortened live expectancy than the demographic average. To even be qualified for this type of procedure it needs to be almost certain that the person has almost no chance to further live in a small time frame. Along with this the majority of people deciding this option are in devastating pain and are content with the choice. “Pulling the plug” as most reffer to it is the more human way to easily end your life. This means simply by not keeping stability with life support. In this case if you are diagnosed with a terminally ill