Physician Assisted Suicide Argumentative Analysis

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mother was then charged with attempted murder. Later on the case was thrown out as it should have been. This is just one example of why physician-assisted suicide should be legalized everywhere. Lynn was completely competent to make her own decisions, she had suffered in agonizing pain for many years and was not ever going to get better. Then you have a caring compassionate mother being charged with attempted murder, when she only wanted to fulfill her daughters’ wishes. If physician-assisted suicide would have been legal in her state, Lynn wouldn't have had to suffer for years and her mother, Kay, wouldn't have been accused of attempted murder. Everything could have been handled much earlier and easier for both the mother and daughter. The …show more content…
In 2014, the whole world was reminded about physician-assisted suicide. A documentary of her life called, "Her death was peaceful", reveals Brittany was a twenty nine year old with lots of life left to live. She had just recently married her husband, Dan, and they were planning to have a family in San Francisco, California. Months after her wedding, she was diagnosed with stage four glioblastoma, a malignant cancer of the brain. She was given around six months to live. She had been experiencing debilitating headaches and seizures that left her unable to talk for hours at a time nor even recognize her own husband. Brittany was set on taking her own life on her own terms. California did not honor assist with dying. Brittany knew that her disease towards the end would leave her unable to make decisions for herself, she would have morphine resistant pain and could become confused due to the rapid growth of her brain tumor. She could have also experienced strokes that could have caused paralysis or memory loss that would make it impossible for her to self-administer the medication, which is a requirement for physician-assisted suicide. That was not what Brittany wanted for herself nor for her family to go through. It was then that Brittany and her husband moved to Portland, Oregon where physician-assisted suicide was