Physician Assisted Suicide Persuasive Essay

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When writing my persuasive essay, I used the conventions of the persuasive genre by researching my stance, coming up with an informed argument based on that research, and pushing my audience to see my point of view. I wanted my paper to convince my audience that physician assisted suicide is not a bad thing and it should be legalized. In terms of organization, I started my introductory paragraph explaining what physician assisted suicide is. Many people have misconceptions about physician assisted suicide and believe it is just a way for mentally ill people to commit suicide with ease. This is of course very wrong and when arguing my point the reader needs to know what I am arguing for. Next I began my three body paragraphs and i started with …show more content…
Many people have the idea that death is the worst thing that can happen to someone and that we should do whatever we possibly can to stretch their life out but there comes a point when it becomes selfish and cruel to keep someone alive. If a person has a horrible quality of life, they are in constant pain, and they are going to die within six months, what is the point in forcing them to suffer through the indignity, pain, and horribleness of dying slow. Death is a natural part of life and everyone has to die at some point. Perhaps, we should not be so afraid of death that we allow our fellow human beings suffer, much more than necessary. My I hope my audience leaves with a better idea of why physician assisted suicide is merciful and should be legalized everywhere. I hope I am able to convince my audience, or at least get them thinking, that perhaps we should allow people to choose what happens to them. My intended audience is people who don't know a whole lot about physician assisted suicide. I feel a lot of bills that are put forward to the public trying to legalize assisted suicide are shot down because not enough people know what it is and assume things. My persuasive essay is meant to be informative to regular people while highlighting the positive side of physician assisted suicide. People who are already strongly against physician assisted suicide often oppose it because of religious reasons and there's a very slim chance of changing their