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I. Kinematics: vectors, velocity, and displacement
II. Find average velocity on a position-- time graph:
Average speed is total distance travelled / total time
III. Interpret a kinematics graph
IV. Finding final or initial velocity of an object accelerating uniformly: when a=0 then initial and final must be equal to each other
V. What is meant by negative velocity or negative acceleration:
You are slowing down or going in the opposite direction
VI. determine net force on an object: kinda like when Fg and Fn cancel out and finding the acceleration that’s left
VII. Newton's laws and forces acting on it:
Refer to the table
VIII. equilibrium and net force: when all forces are cancelled out ===========>
IX. what is tension force:
The tension force is the force which is transmitted through a string or cable when it is pulled tight by forces acting from opposite ends.
X. explain normal force perpendicular to the surface of contact
XI. compare weight on an object that is hung in an elevator while it accelerates up or down: if a=0, the FG is balancing the FN. If there is acceleration, Fnet= FN-FG FN=Fnet+FG , FN>FG
XII. explain static friction force the friction of starting the object to move is greater than the moving friction force
XIII. effects of varying gravitational forces on a simple projectile just projectile motion
XIV. meaning of momentum
Any moving body is said to possess momentum. An object which is at rest has no momentum.
XV. determine the change in momentum
XVI. determine the impulse from a force -time graph I=FΔt=Δp
XVII. elastic collision ====>
XVIII. inelastic collision
XIX. gravitational potential