Essay on Physics: High School and Better Social Skills

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James Joyner
Ms. Suchanec
English 112-06
13 January 2013
Effect Essay

In August of 2012 I chose to attend William Peace University to major in Theatre to better my future. After completing the first semester I began to realize how being here affected me as a college student. The most significant effects of me being here are the following: Gaining better social skills, being more focused by completing all of my homework assignments since there is really nothing going on campus, and realizing that being here is not the “college experience” when it comes to the campus life.
The first effect I encountered while being here were my social skills and how being in the Theatre program has gave me the opportunity to gain new friends and meet wonderful people. Going through middle school and high school I have always been the shy and timid one and not wanting to speak up. Being here has really changed me for who I am as a person. I would say that by attending Peace I have surrounded myself with people who were more open-minded and that made me open up even more.
The second effect would be the development of my education skills and how it’s the second best thing here at this school because you have more opportunities to speak with your professors after class if you’re ever confused with the lesson they taught in class or even if you just need to talk. Another thing would be that since there aren’t many activities to do on campus you have no other choice but to do your homework and stay focused. Also having the quickest access to classrooms especially if