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Professor Lee Britt
Experiment M-1

Purpose: The purpose of this experiment is to determine the resultant of a given set of three forces by analytical and graphical methods, also, to verify the results on the force table.

Theory: A scalar is a quantity such as mass, length, or speed that is completely determined by its magnitude and has no direction. A vector is a physical quantity that requires both magnitude and direction. Scalar quantities are represented by a single number, as to where, vector quantities are represented by a number and a direction. Vectors are graphically represented using arrows indicating the direction. Resultants are forces, velocities, or other vector quantities that are equivalent to the combines’ effort of multiple component vectors acting at the same point. An equilibrant is a force used to balance another force and producing equilibrium.

Force table
Weigh hangers

Analytical Method:
Place a pulley at 50 degrees and add weights equaling up to 250 grams. Second, place a second pulley at 165 degrees and add weights equaling up to 200 grams. Lastly, place the third pulley at 240 degrees with weights equaling 350 grams. Calculate the magnitude of the forces and record the data in a force table. Calculate the summation of the x-components and the y-components. Then calculate the Force and Theta resultants. Graphical Method:
Choose a scale for the graph of the vector polygon. Convert