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Liliana Ortiz I Outline
Thesis: The Center of Disease control is important for the research of medical sciences to understand the origins of a disease’s past to prevent future outbreaks.
I- In February, 2009, when two deadly cases of meningitis occurred in Missouri, disease detectives investigated the disease to prevent future outbreaks.
A- •Two previously healthy trainees were diagnosed with Streptococcus pneumonia meningitis and died
B- •Both trainees belonged to Alpha Company, which consisted of 303 trainees total
C- •The number of cases of pneumonia increased during this time period
D- •The outbreak occurred during February 6–14, 2009
E- The epidemiologists used what they learned to prevent future outbreaks from occurring. They were able to stop the outbreak after trainees and training staff received vaccinations and antibiotics, and after hand hygiene and cough etiquette were strengthened

II- During the investigation period, February 1–21, 2009, epidemiologists surveyed all trainees and training staff of the 554th Battalion, and trainees who came to the camp from their homes in the community. Nasal and throat swabs were collected from certain trainees and staff.
A- The survey collected information on symptoms, demographic information, health care use, influenza vaccination status and treatment with antibiotics during the investigation period
B- Using history in the medical field is so important because it can lead to the information on why and how new diseases are about.
C- The CDC gives updated information on any type of health care preventions, cautions, and hazards.

III- The CDC supports state and local health departments, improving global health, investigating to decrease the leading causes of deaths, strengthening disease surveillance, and reforming health policies.
A- The CDC guards against international disease transmission and have stations in over 25 countries.
B- The CDC works with states and other partners to help surveillance disease outbreaks.
C- It remains at the most important form of public health efforts to prevent and control infectious and chronic diseases, injuries, workplace hazards, disabilities, and environmental health threats.

IV- The internal