Physics Revision Essay

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Physics Revision Questions:
1. What types of waves are involved in infrared radiation?
2. What are the factors that affect how much infrared radiation an object absorbs or emits?
3. Explain the differences between heat transfers in dark, matt surfaces vs. light, shiny surfaces.
4. Describe the differences between the differences between the states of matter and how the particles behave.
5. How can conduction be defined, and why are metals considered good thermal conductors?
6. What is convection and when does it occur?
7. How do gases condense into liquids?
8. How do liquids evaporate to gases?
9. What is a U-Value and if the U-Value is low, what does this mean?
10. Write the formula for payback time.
11. What is specific heat capacity?
12. List how heat loss can be prevented from:
• Roof
• Under Doors and Windows
• Walls
• Windows
• Floor
13. What is the difference between useful energy and wasted energy?
14. Give the definition for what efficiency is.
15. Explain what fossil fuels are and why they are classed as non-renewable.
16. Give two examples of nuclear fuels and explain what nuclear fission is and why it is not a fossil fuel.
17. What does the steam do when the fuels are burnt to release energy?
18. What are biofuels and are they renewable or non-renewable?
19. Give the advantages and disadvantages for the following:
• Coal
• Oil
• Natural Gas
• Nuclear
20. How does the moon create tides and what does the sun cause?
21. Give the advantages and disadvantages for the following:
• Wind
• Tidal and Wave
• Hydroelectric
• Solar
22. What is the difference between Step-Up Transformers and Step-Down Transformers?
23. What is the difference between transverse and longitudinal waves?
24. Explain how light is reflected on a plane mirror that is