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Dalton Leach
Physics II
Lab chapter 18
3) 4volts plot is on
4) The line shown only shows where the 1 positive coulomb’s electric field is making contact with the puck in its field although the electric field is actually a three dimension sphere of energy. Much like a geologic topo map shows different elevations as equal evenly spaced single lines. So the voltage of the coulomb’s electric field is to be compared to the elevation of a geologic topo map, the circle or area increases with increase of elevation or voltage.
5) The overall displacement from the start of the trip would be a distance of zero. The backpacks elevation also wouldn’t change as well so there be no change of potential energy. Work= Force* distance = Force*0 = 0
6) The work along the line is zero when the second charge is introduced. The potential work is defined as it equals to the minus work done and it doesn’t change if it is equipotential.
7) It moves to 9.2 volts
8) It is scalar
9) It is a negative work because it is moving the charge from the electric potential 9.2 volts to 4volts. It’s a loss of 4.8 volts.
10) It is going in the direction of natural movement, so it is negative.
11) If positive work is done, kinetic energy increases if negative work is done, kinetic energy decreases.
Positive work + negative work = change in kinetic +potential energy

Chapter 19 lab
Part 2) What is the relationship between the electric potential at a point in space and the distance from an electric charge?
1) I placed it 2) I turned it on 3) I turned it on 4) Use the tape measure to find and record the distance from the charge to the equipotential sensor It’s 1.88 meter. 5) Record the voltage as indicated on the equipotential sensor. Voltage is 4.1 volt 6) Change the location of the positive charge to at least six widely different distances from the equipotential sensor. Record the