Physio 9.0 Cardio Lab Report Essay

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Physio Cardio Lab Report Answers

Activity 1 Questions:

1. Explain how the body establishes a pressure gradient for fluid flow.

Pressure gradient is the flow rate of a liquid through a pipe. This is directly proportional to the difference between the pressures at the two ends of the pipe and inversely proportional to the pip's resistance. The pressure gradient is directly dependent upon blood vessel radius which essentially controls blood flow. The bigger the blood vessel radius, the more blood flow or fluid flow. The smaller blood vessel radius, the lesson blood or fluid flow.

2. Explain the effect that the flow tube radius change had on flow rate. How well did the results compare with your prediction?

Flow tube radius
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4. Describe the effect that obesity would have on blood flow and why.

As referenced from this experiment, weight, either gain or loss effects blood vessel length. A change in blood vessel length can only be altered through the gain or loss of weight. As evidenced in this experiment, when blood vessel length is increased as a result of weight gain, there is greater resistance or friction within the vessel making blood flow through that vessel more difficult thus decreasing blood flow. Obesity different effect blood flow in that, there are increased blood vessel lengths, causing greater friction or resistance within the vessel and a decrease in blood flow.

Activity 4 Questions:

1. Explain the effect that pressure changes had on flow rate. How well did the results compare with your prediction.

Pressure changes have a profound effect on flow rate. As pressure increases, flow rate also increases. They are directly proportional. In regards to my prediction, I predicted that as pressure increased, so would flow rate.

2. How does the plot differ from the plots for tube radius, viscosity, and tube length? How well did the results compare with your prediction.

The plot for pressure in linear in that, an increase in pressure is directly proportional to flow rate. It was a perfectly straight line upwards as pressure increased. In regards to the plot for tube radius, it was very similar