Physiology of ageing Essay

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Pathological Conditions Of The Skin Which May Occur As A Result Of Ageing

Acrochordon/skin tag
Small tumour that forms in areas of friction
Neck, underarms
Can be removed by cauterisation or freezing
Develop in older people
Actinic keratosis
Solar keratosis
Sun damage, red brown in colour and can be scaly
Common with people who have fair skin, and are over the age of 40
Can affect the back, neck, hands, arms etc.
A tumour compose of lymph and blood vessels
It is a benign tumour, and the cause is unknown however it is common in people over the age of 40
Can range of a pin head, to a ¼ of an inch
Can be removed by laser
Basal cell carcinoma
Abnormal uncontrolled growth
Open wound in the skin
Can be caused by sun exposure
Doesn’t spread from the tumour site, stays in the epidermis
Squamous cell carcinoma
Major form of skin cancer
Can appear anywhere on the body
Malignant melanoma
Skin cancer that begins in the colour systems of the skin (melanin)
Survival depends on the stage of the cancer
It is the worst form of skin cancer caused by exposure to UVrays
Black/dark brown “scabs”
Decubitus ulcers
Also known as a pressure sore
Pressure on the skin causes the skin to break down and blood flow is reduced to that area. Without enough blood flow, the skin will die. From this, an ulcer may form.
Can occur in areas that withstand large amounts of pressure and lack of blood flow e.g. buttocks and heels
Develop in 4 stages;
1- Red skin that does not turn white
2- Blisters or an open sore
3-skin develops a sunken whole “ crater”
4- Ulcer is that deep that there is now damage to muscle, bone and possibly tendons and joints
Easy tearing
Common in elderly
Fragile skin
Friction forces, blunt trauma
Eczematous dermatitis
Skin rashes, can cause tumours
Red, raised and irritated
If itched, can cause oozing and weeping
Asteatotic eczema
Over the age of 60
Decrease in oil in the skin
Shins of the legs and upper arms
Lays superficial to the skin
Can be itchy and sore
Nummular eczema
Allergy related disorder
Itchy, coin-shaped spots / patches on the skin
Cause in unknown, but it is uncommon and most appears in elderly men
It is a long term chronic condition
Dry skin, stress and temperature changes can make it worse
Skin lesions on arms/legs , Ooze and become crusty, Itchy, scaly/ raw skin & Red and inflamed

Seborrheic dermatitis
Common benign scaling rash
Effect any age from puberty
Can occur in babies but different name
Gravitational eczema
Itchiness is common. It can ooze and weep.
It is seen around the ankles (stood up)
Could be a reaction to increased fluid.
Diabetes/older people
Reduction in Venus return
Autoeczematization eczema
Infection caused by other forms of eczema
Can be seen all over the body
Pustules, red, rashes

Elastotic skin & comedomes
Skin-Breakdown of elastic tissue
Comedomes-rough texture on skin, opening of sebaceous secretion
Caused by dirt